Texas Pacific Land Trust

Photo Courtesy of:   Tammy Reyes
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Texas Pacific Land Trust was created in 1888 as a result of a

reorganization of the Texas and Pacific Railway Company

following receivership. 
Holders of Texas and Pacific Railway

Company bonds received 3.5 million acres of land in Texas which
had been earned by the railroad and pledged as security against

 The bondholders created the Trust and converted bonds to
shares of proprietary interest in the Trust.  The Trust was created
to manage and sell the land.  Today the Trust is one of the largest
landowners in Texas with around 887,553 acres located

in eighteen different counties.  Texas Pacific Land Trust

derives revenue from all avenues of managing the land, i.e. oil

and gas royalties, grazing leases, easements, sundry and
specialty leases, and land sales.  The Trust has a perpetual oil

and gas royalty interest in some 459,200 acres. 

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